Monitor the risk of airborne viral transmission in your spaces.

Wherever people are sharing air, the higher the CO2
level, the higher the relative risk of airborne infection.


Know your indoor transmission risk

Tracking Carbon Dioxide levels is an inexpensive and effective way to monitor the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19. When the CO2 level doubles, the risk also roughly doubles. Transmission risk varies with activity undertaken in the space. A level of 1000ppm could be acceptable in a quiet library with masks, but not in an active gym without masks, (University of Colorado) Read more…

Part of your risk management

Vision is a high-quality CO2 monitor that indicates when further ventilation is required. This ‘plug and play’ solution features continuous monitoring (updated every 5 seconds) and bold colour indication not achievable with battery operated units. Fully customise Vision settings and view readings for the previous 30 days with the free app for PC.

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A clear display of your responsible approach

Put your Vision monitor in a prominent place so that everyone can see you take air quality seriously.  The display changes colour according to Carbon Dioxide level and so the relative risk is clear for all to see.


  • USB Powered – PC/Mains Adapter
  • Non-dispersive Infra-red (NDIR) CO2 Sensor
  • Bold Multicoloured Indication
  • Desktop or Wall Mountable
  • Anti-tamper Wall Bracket Supplied as standard
  • Typical 10+ Year Life Expectancy
  • Configurable through free PC App


Free Windows App

Configure your Vision CO2 Monitor

Printable Guidance

How to use your Vision CO2 Monitor


Information on your Vision CO2 Monitor


How to setup and use your Vision CO2 Monitor
Play Video


Table Header
Power Supply
5VDC - USB Type C
Power Consuption
< 500mA
CO2 Range
0 - 10,000 ppm
CO2 Accuracy
±40 ppm +3% @ NTP
CO2 Display Resolution
1 ppm
CO2 Sensing Method
Non Dispersive Infra-red (NDIR)
CO2 Typical Sensor Life
10 Years
Temp Range
0 - 40°C
Temp Accuracy
±0.3°C @ 25°C
Temp Display Resolution
RH Range
0 - 95% (NC)
RH Accuracy
±2% @ 20 - 80%
RH Display Resolution
Operating Conditions
Temp 0 - 40°C, Humidity 0 - 95% (NC)
Sampling Method
IP Rating
Housing Material
Flame Retardant ABS
White (RAL9010)
Flamefast (UK)


Standard: 84 x 84 x 36 mm (H x W x D)
With Bracket: 84 x 88 x 40 mm (H x W x D)



The Vision CO2 monitor features a unique multicolour display so you can see relative risk levels in an instant. Green, yellow, amber and red are enabled as default. To enable blue and purple, or to amend any of the activation levels, download the free Vision Windows app.

Up to 600ppm

601 to 800ppm

801 – 1000ppm 

1001 – 1500ppm 

1001 – 1500ppm 

Over 2000ppm

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Designability has been supplying high quality education solutions to Australian schools for over 20 years, with Flamefast (UK) as a key partner for the last 10.  We are passionate about providing engaging curriculum and reliable equipment, and the Vision monitor adds to the range of classroom solutions.  The unit itself is manufactured in the UK by Flamefast, highly regarded for their gas detection technologies.

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